Car rental iran and Terms to rent

Car rental iran and Terms to rent

How to rent a car in Tehran?
Maybe you plan to have a short-term in-city trip or a long-distance city trip. To do this, you can rent a comfortable, modern and safe car.
According to report, car rental companies around the world buy their cars not in cash, but on specific terms from companies, according to the website report. Of course, some companies also have a joint venture with automotive companies and are part of a group that work each others. This means that car makers put their vehicles at the disposal for rental car companies , and these companies both car maker and rental car benefit f the car. There is another way that ordinary people give their cars to these companies, and they share benifits with the rental car also they will be partnerships with car rental companies.
Why should I rent a car?
People with this strategy will meet their needs and can use their car’s amenities. Given the car prices, renting them is cheaper than buying one. Among the various reasons of car rental, the need for a personal car and friendly travel in a group, organizational use, travelling, camping, and sometimes the need for luxury cars.
I usually see rental cars at weddings where bride and groom like diamonds shine at their wedding, for which they rent luxury and luxury cars. Airport transfers are also other rental options.

How to rent a car

Rent a car is always done in two ways;
Short-term: Renting a car in the short run is the same daily rent that lasts one or several days and sometimes even several hours. If the rental period is less than 10 hours, the fare is paid for the same 10 hours.
Long-term: Long-term car rentals are also rented for a period of more than 28 days and less than 360 days. This kind of rental includes benefits such as: insurance coverage according to the need of the renter, the right to replace the vehicle in the event of consumer dissatisfaction or car destruction, rental of all cars in the car rental company, maintenance services during the rental period of the car and providing traffic license , will be given.
Car rental terms company just give so less deposit and original passport but in other companies Rent a car has terms and conditions. The renter must provide documents such as a national card, employment documents, residence documents, two checks (one is leased for car rent, the other for crimes, and if the car is rented by the driver, then the checker is not required), and surely Have a driver’s license.
How to number cars in rental car companies.
Rental cars vary from country to country, but in some countries a rental car is offered with a special license plate, and it’s known that the car is for rental car Iran company.
Types of cars
Car rental companies usually offer a wide range of cars, such as SUV, Convertible, sedan, luxury, which is suitable for most people with any financial ability. These companies are usually represented in hotels and airports.

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